September 1, 2009

Portable Door Guards

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Protecting your property and possessions is always a must, never more so than when you are away from home. Thieves understand this and see tourists and people on business trips as easy targets. That is why you should never relax your guard or your possessions will be gone. Depending on which security lengths you want to go to protect your valuables, it can get very, very, expensive. However, you CAN protect yourself and your valuables without it costing a pretty penny.

One of the most effective, yet simple ways of preventing unwanted visitors into your house/room is to install an audible alarm, this will alert you or any passers by that something is wrong, but more than that, most thiefs will run if an alarm is sounded.

A Portable Door guard is the ideal deterrent, this small yet effective device will emit an astonishing 130dB alarm, it will activate if someone touches the handle of your door. This is a must have item for anyone that travels and wants that extra security. Used on any door (except all-metal doors) it ‘senses‘ anybody putting their hand near to the exterior door handle thus alerting you that someone is about to try your door. The Portable Door Guard is ideal if you want to feel secure in any hotel, hostel or even in your own home.

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