March 23, 2012

Pre-Summer Keep Fit Protection

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consider a personal alarm if you are jogging or power walkingWhen it comes to our health, there’s plenty amongst us who will admit that they’re not fit and could do with losing a few pounds… According to one source, around 60% of adults living in the UK are overweight (source). With the spring weather and slightly longer daylight hours now on our doorsteps its time to ditch the late night glass of wine, avoid those delicious snacks and admit that the scales aren’t wonky.

Hundreds of thousands of people will start their Spring keep fit regime over the next week or so. Local parks and well known running routes will soon see an influx of joggers and power walkers of every shape and size determined to drop that dress size or take the belt buckle down a knotch.

As residents purchase tracksuits, trainers, iPods and even water bottles to make themselves look the part, there is one essential part of a joggers or power walkers ‘kit’ that shouldn’t be left out and that’s a personal protection alarm.

It only takes a few seconds for an assailant to assault you, as you walk or jog past that poorly lit area of the park, or by leaping out at you from behind a parked car or bush. By wearing a Wrist Alarm Personal Safety Alarm, which have been deigned for joggers and power walkers in mind, it will emit an ear piercing 130 dB Alarm, buying you the time required to make your escape.

This year, whilst thinking about your keep fit regime, consider your own personal safety regime as well.

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