February 27, 2009

Preventing Letterbox Arson Attacks

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The death of three year old, Francesca Bimpson, after petrol was poured through the families house letterbox and set alight is a tragic reminder that arson attacks on home properties are becoming a worrying trend. In the early hours of this morning, in Barton, Oxford, a house was targetted by arsonists and set alight by pouring petrol through the letterbox – luckily there were no injuries. In Dorking, Surrey, on the 5th of this month, Lindsay Wooff and her teenage daughter, were subjected to an arson attack when someone stuffed burning paper through their letterbox. No one was hurt in the attack but the incident has shaken Mrs Woof deeply – this random attack was apparantly motiveless.

Crime Prevention Products provide Anti Arson Letterboxes which have been thoroughly tested at the Warrington Fire Research Establishment.

The tests demonstrated that our anti arson letterboxes can successfully contain an arson attack and provide significant protection against a serious fire developing within a building. The Anti Arson Letterboxes are all made from fireproof sheet steel and have a neoprene seal surrounding the letter opening which makes the unit completely fireproof.

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