January 19, 2012

Protect Your Vehicle From Being Stolen When Defrosting

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This time last year the people of Britain were just getting over the snow when the temperatures plummeted to a bone chilling -18. Workers, students and even parents on the school run had to wait till their car had defrosted before making their trip out onto the roads. Leaving cars on the driveway, with their engines running, it’s hardly surprising to learn that nearly 9,000 vehicles across the UK were stolen in just 36 days at the beginning of 2011 (source).

Once again, opportunistic thieves are making the most of the colder weather, thus leaving South Yorkshire police with no option but to issue a warning to drivers after six cars were stolen by Frost-Jackers within a few short days. Owners had left their car unattended, with the engine running, while defrosting the vehicle.

While we would never recommend that you leave your car running unattended while defrosting the vehicle, we also understand that some people may have to pop into their homes for a few seconds, which is why we provide vehicle security devices such as Security Parking Posts to ensure that no one, but yourself, will drive off in your defrosted car.

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