March 17, 2009

Smoke Hoods Review

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smokehood_smoke_maskA Smoke Hood is a protective mask similar in style to a gas mask except that it covers the full head and is fully air tight with the ability to turn poisonous carbon monoxide fumes to harmless carbon dioxide through its air filtering system. This makes Smoke Hoods an ideal safe measurement to help individuals escape fires in buildings and moving vehicles such as trains or aircrafts. Smoke Hoods can be fitted over the head in less than 10 seconds and each one has a large, protective eye view area giving the wearer an unlimited clear field of vision.

Smoke Hoods are ideal safety equipment for those that are concerned about fire safety regulations. They are easy and small enough to store and can also be carried on a person as part of safety dress code in need be. Smoke Hoods come in an air tight plastic container with an easy ring pull open facility. Once the Smoke Hood is removed from the internal metal foil bag, the smoke hood fits firmly over the head with Velcro tightening straps around the neck area. The smoke hood will fit all adults and is for single use only.

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