January 30, 2009

Spectrum Driveway Alarm

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Suspicious behaviour is always worth checking out or reporting to the Police, especially in neighbourhood environments. But that is hard to do when you are tucked up in bed in the wee, small hours or when you and your family are relaxing at home. It is at these times when your home might be targetted by burglars. And if you live in a home with a large driveway or garden then securing your premises can be even more difficult. Which is why we here at Crime Prevention Products highly recommend the Spectrum Driveway Alarm.

spectrum_driveway_alarm_dw33This impressive driveway alarm has a range of up to 2oo metres (650 ft) between the movement detector and the receiver, and the PIR Detector has a ‘FAN SHAPE’ range of up to 4 – 6 meters wide, which can be easily customised by yourself. Once you are happy with the ‘protection zone’, you can select the amount of movement detectors you want operating with the Spectrum Driveway Alarm. Each receiver has up to 4 channels, each with their own identifier sound and flashing LED, both of which operate for about 10 seconds, so it is easy and quick to identify which detector has been triggered.

The Spectrum Driveway Alarm can have additional accessories that enhance an already excellent driveway alarm product. You van have up to 4 PIR Movement Detectors and even buy an additional receiver to help you protect other areas of your home / building / office.

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