June 25, 2009

Staying Safe on your Holidays

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Some of us will be lucky enough to head off to foreign lands for our annual holiday, whether it be with the family, friends or just you and the missus, out of that lucky number there will be a few of us who’ll be unlucky enough to have their possessions stolen. This is a sad fact of life. Whilst on your holidays there are several measures you can do to prevent yourself becoming just another tourist crime statistic.

safe-abroadOn your holidays, if there is safe in your accomodation, then use it! There might be a slight charge but it is worth it when you consider the alternative. When going to the beach make sure you have no valuables showing, only take a small amount of money out with you.

As we all know, as the sun goes down the drinks start flowing, if you are going out, stay in a crowd, try to keep your money in an appropriate money holder, for men carry your money or wallet in your front pockets, you’ll know if someone is attempting to pickpocket you – never, keep your wallet in your back pocket! Always tell someone where you are going – golden rule!

If you have to venture out alone there are various personal alarms, bag alarms and attack alarms that can be used to protect you and your possessions.

Not only on holiday but if your property is vacant tell someone that you are away and get them to check your home. Think about purchasing security timers for your indoor lights, make sure all your windows are secured and the family car is alarmed or has a deterrent, for example a wheel clamp or steering wheel lock. It’s worth remembering that criminals don’t take holidays, using your common sense will save you a lot of heartache and keep you and your family safe.

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