February 3, 2010

Stepping Out The Way Of Harm

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Each morning I read the newspapers, and it genuinely feels that everytime we step outside our homes we are putting ourselves into extreme danger. According to the number of random attacks on a person in the press. I read of people going about their daily business, walking to the shops, going on a bus or just taking a casual stroll in the local park, then getting attacked, robbed or even worse.

One of the biggest problems is most criminal acts are done at random, and, let’s be honest, their hardly likely to wear a t-shirt or sandwich-boards declaring their intentions to harm or rob. So, how can we reduce the threat of being attacked?

  • If you are walking or running as part of an excercise plan do, try and go with a neighbour or friend, please try not to walk alone, especially at night, and in or around desolated parks and areas.
  • Outside lights with PIR sensors are always good to light up your garden area especially if you are putting pets or the rubbish out at night.

Remmember, there are a number of excellent personal protection devices on the market to help give you those vital seconds to make your get-away.

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