May 6, 2009

Summer Car Crime Safeguards

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Motor theft has the potential to spiral in the Summer months with the light nights which encourages more youths to camp out and the influx of tourists. Although it has dropped significantly in the last few years. Car crime accounts for about 13% of all crime in England and Wales (Home office). Most car crime is opportunistic so there are several things that can be done to prevent theft.

summer-car-crimeA good car alarm and immobiliser should be fitted to most modern cars, if not there are several good ones on the market, park your car in a well lit area where plenty of people can see it. In some areas in England and Wales if a car park attendant or traffic warden sees anything valuable in your car they will now leave a letter offering you advice on how to keep valuables out of sight, lock them in your boot is always the best

With the new car market falling young people are now buying older cars and spending money doing them up. If you are going to buy a car it is worth checking out some web sites that give lists of the most stolen cars for that year. Many people now spend hundreds of pounds on their cars which may include alloy wheels, these are seen as easy targets for thieves. When buying your alloy wheels make sure they have a ‘locking nut’, this is a wheel nut that needs a special ‘key’ to loosen it.

Just by following a few simple procedures will help protect your car and valuables this summertime.

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