July 14, 2011

The Spoilt Generation And The School of Hard Knocks

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dealing with school violenceAs the school year draws to an end, there will be thousands of children eagerly awaiting the last bell of term to ring – sadly, for some, this will not be to rejoice the start of the summer holidays but to escape the beating and intimidation they’ll have received on a daily basis while at school.

It’s been reported that as many as 12,688 school children are subjected to grievous or actual bodily harm during the year. This shocking figure equates to 65 serious assaults every day. The report which was published in the Daily Mail, (source, opens in new window) used data under the Freedom of Information laws. They found out that as well as criminal damage, harassment, theft, and sexual assault there was one under 14 year old child from Leicestershire who was convicted for carrying a gun whilst in school.

The report states violence in schools has been steadily rising since 2008 and is now believed to be at a record high. What’s more, the report states that this figure is probably a lot higher as many more pupils are subjected to bullying but are reluctant to tell anyone, and so it continues…

Dr. Aric Sigman, a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, claims that children are becoming violent before they even get to school. Dr. Sigman coins this generation of pre-school troublemakers as ‘The Spoilt Generation‘ and states that a lot of their misbehaviour is down to “the lack of boundaries and the reversal of authority” between parents and their children.

Such is the worrying trend of violence in our schools that the government released new guidance for teachers to help improve discipline in schools (source, opens in new window). The coalition government has tore up the former 600-page guidance – introduced by the Labour government – and replaced it with just 52 pages. Its aim is to put the power back with the adult teacher and is outlined as so…

  • Schools should not have a ‘no touch’ policy. It is often necessary or desirable for a teacher to touch a child (e.g. dealing with accidents or teaching musical instruments).
  • Teachers have a legal power to use reasonable force. They can use force to remove a pupil who is disrupting a lesson or to prevent a child leaving a classroom.
  • Heads can search without consent for an extended list of items including alcohol, illegal drugs and stolen property.
  • Heads have the power to discipline pupils who misbehave outside the schools premises and outside schools hours.
  • Schools must have measures in place to deal with bullying both in and outside of school.

As parents we try to help our children as much as possible, however we all understand that we cannot be with them all the time. At Crime Prevention Products we have a vast array of personal alarms which will fit discreetly on their school bags or act as a key ring. Many of these alarms emit a powerful siren which will allow your child precious seconds to make their escape.

We hope they never have to use these alarms, however, prevention is better than the alternative.

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