February 24, 2009

UK Police Forces Cut Jobs

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In what can only be described as ‘astonishing news’, the UK Police Force are cutting thousands of Police jobs across many departments despite many claims that we are admidst of a recession-led crimewave. The job cuts are a result of a funding shortfall and have senior policemen and police groups worried and anxious over the news.

police-forceReducing Police Officer numbers is bound to have an adverse effect on frontline Policing. Timothy Brain, Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Police said, “There is a risk of increased crime and disorder as a result of the effect of recession and many police forces will be made weaker as a result of the latest grant and council tax settlements.”

For many UK home owners, the news of these huge cuts in out Police departments will not be welcome, when you consider that many social experts, the Police themselves and govermental bodies issuing statements and ad campaigns over the last week about a rise in crime levels. Crime Prevention Products offers a wide range of home security products and personal alarms to help aid home owners and individuals in keeping their property and themselves safe from harm.

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