June 9, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen

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In an ever-increasing surveillance society that we live within, being just another face-in-the-crowd is a nigh on impossibility. No matter if you are just popping up the high street for a quick nip in-and-out of the shops, sending an email from your work computer or socialising online with your digital buddies on Twitter or Facebook – there’s a good chance that your digital footprint will be monitored along the way at some point.

online-identity-theftWith this reliance on technology, people need to become more aware or internet savvy fast, to help stop cyber crime from becoming a booming business.

Personal data is the new currency amongst cyber criminals. We hear of lost CD’s brimming with personal information being misplaced, lost or worse stolen, on an all too-frequent theme nowadays (Google Search). Just how concerned should we really be that our personal info won’t be faked or duplicated for criminal activity? What if I told you an average cyber criminal could earn between $20,000 – $50,000 a day (source) is that concern enough?

At Crime Prevention Products we have hundreds of products and devices to help you keep safe in the real world from home security to personal alarms but for online activity all we can offer is some helpful tips and advice from the following links to help protect yourself online.

Help Stop Identitiy Theft
Protecting your identity
Identity Theft

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