January 3, 2012

Alert Pal The Ultimate Plug And Play Security Device

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Burglaries tend to happen quickly, well, the most opportunistic ones do… An open window or poorly secured door is noticed and within minutes, some person(s) are in and out of the property and off with someone else’s valuables.

In these instances, it’s very unlikely the offenders will have been spotted and the likelihood of being caught and the goods returned very slim indeed.

Now, what if you could install an affordable security device in just a matter of minutes which could send you images of a break-in of your property in progress direct to your phone. Not only that, it will also let you hear live audio, works off it’s own power plus it’s extremely portable, so can be used in garages, caravans, boats, workshop or farm buldings as well as in the home and office buildings.

Quite impressive, eh?

This is why at CPP, we want to introduce to you, the ultimate in plug and play home security devices – The AlertPal!

The AlertPal is a complete GSM Fire and Security System and because of its portability can be used almost anywhere. It’s very easy to set up, and works from a PAYG Sim card on either O2 – ORANGE or the VODAFONE network. Simply install the 2 door or window detectors, the smoke detector, configure the AlertPal system by sending a few simple text messages to the camera and you’re good to go.

You can read more about the AlertPal by clicking the link.

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