August 20, 2010

Be At Home Even When Your Not

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With the Autumn/Winter months approaching faster than we would hope, we have to make the most out of every remaining warm day we have left. Often this means that barbecues, garden parties and even days away with family and friends are all planned at the very last moment as we try to squeeze every last drop of summer fun into our lives.

One of the main problems about leaving your home unoccupied is that the sun goes down under the horizon earlier and earlier, it leaves it us vulnerable to unwelcomed guests. Thieves and burglars, unfortunately, don’t like to take days off and love nothing better than walking round looking for homes with no signs of life and poor home security. If you want to spend time with your family on a day out then one of the best ways to fool thieves is to make them think that your home even when your not.

Outside lights and even lights left on a timer are great, but unfortunately a bit predictable now. Crime Prevention Products are pleased to be able to offer people the Fake TV, this simple device which runs of it’s own timer will give the illusion that your home watching your favourite soap or documentary. Keeping prowlers and burglars at bay with a flickering glow while you and your family enjoy yourself late into the summer nights.

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  1. Ha…never seen the fake TV product. Leave it to the Brits! Nice.

    Comment by Door Security — August 21, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

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