February 8, 2012

Be Prepared When Driving in the Winter

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This week most of our country awoke to find a white blanket of snow covering their streets. Great news for anyone under the age of sixteen. Building snowmen, sledging and the occasional snowball fight were soon on the agenda. However, it wasn’t much fun if you were a driver and had to venture out onto the roads. Then, as the snow turned to ice, much of the North of England was brought to a near standstill on Monday as vehichles of all types got stranded on the A1(M) after a serious of accidents (source).

When it comes to driving in extreme weather, how many divers can say they are properly prepared? What would happen if you had to spend some time in your car, would you have the proper equipment to help you through a cold couple of hours? With the weather expected to stay below freezing for the next week or so, we at Crime Prevention Products would urge our readers to be prepared if they have to venture out onto the roads.

If you have to venture out, we would recommend that each car carries extra food including snacks and chocolate (which will keep your body active) as well as blankets, hats, scarves, gloves and a change of clothes (if possible). Not forgetting suitable footwear which will keep you warm if you are stranded for any length of time.

We would also recommend that you carry a personal alarm this will alert any passers by that you are in need of assistance and an Emergency Life Hammer which will help you escape you vehicle if the unfortunate should happen.

If you are not confident about driving and your journey is not essential then don’t make it!

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