July 3, 2008

Wireless Burglar Alarms help prevent a rise in burglary rates during hot weather

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Police are warning of an increase in burglary during heatwaves. Burglars are cashing in on the hot weather, leaving sun-seekers to count the cost. Windows and doors left open or unlocked while residents are out or even in the back garden, are an invitation to criminals, police have warned.

There were 12 house break-ins across Middlesbrough last weekend and the majority of houses broken into were unsecured, unlocked and without alarms.  Items stolen included computers and other electrical equipment, jewellery, purses containing cash and bank cards, and even a child’s car seat.

The haul from one house in Margaret Street, North Ormesby, included a car, after a two-in-one burglary. Now, Cleveland Police are urging householders to “alarm it lock it or lose it”.

bt_vp1000_wireless_house_alarm_40_offWith modern Burglar Alarms like the Wireless Burglar Alarm. available by mail order, a property can be easily protected and because they are wireless, may be fitted in about 2 hours by the average householder. With monitoring by BT costing only 16p a day, you will always know if your alarm is sounding and arrange the appropriate action from wherever you are, even away on holiday!

The monitoring service even informs you of power failure or interruption with the telephone line.

Middlesbrough CID, said: “It’s frustrating for us to learn of the figures for last weekend’s breakins – we repeatedly run campaigns and operations targeting house burglary and putting burglars behind bars. Generally the message is getting across and we are seeing good results. ”

Terry Rattee, Managing Director of Crime Prevention Products added: “With the recent warm weather I can only assume people are going out to enjoy the sunshine and forgetting to lock their doors & windows, or having no alarm on the property thereby giving opportunist thieves the perfect chance to take the householders’ property.”

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