February 20, 2009

Counterfeit Detection Lamps Just Got Smarter & Smaller

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The latest counterfeit detection model from Chaperone – The Multi Function Counterfeit Detection UV Lamp – has just been released and there are 2 main features that are instantly noticeable about this unique detection product :

* Its size, it is a lot smaller than previous counterfeit detection models
* Counterfeit Detection models just got a whole lot smarter, new technology helps the detector to switch on and off automatically, thus saving energy AND bulbs!

multi_function_ultraviolet_lampThe Multi Function Counterfeit Detection UV Lamp is not just for counterfeit detection as its name suggests it has multi functions that this smart piece of kit can be used for checking such as Driving Licences, Credit Cards, Birth Certificates, Passports etc… Add to this the smart auto on/off function – simply pass a document or note under the detection sensors and it springs to life and remains on until 10 seconds after you remove the scanned item. Special lenses have been fitted to the Multi Function Counterfeit Detection UV Lamp to help scan the micro print found on banknotes.

Staying Safe Using UV Technology

The Multi Function Counterfeit Detection Lamp uses UV Light which can be dangerous. Do not expose the skin or eyes under the light source. Keep out of the reach of children.

The units must be placed at a safe and sensible height to help stop individuals looking directly at the U.V. bulb. If a safe and sensible height is not possible, then the U.V. lamp must be between 30/40cm away from the eyes. It is also recommended that an individual operating the lamp does not expose their hands under the U.V. light for more than 90 minutes on a continuous basis.

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