August 15, 2008

Cracking down on conmen with the Chaperone Spyhole Doorcam

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A NATIONAL operation to target unscrupulous conmen and distraction burglars has resulted in arrests in the Gwent area last month. The operation actively targeted individuals and groups who deliberately overcharge for unsatisfactory services or goods, charge for unnecessary work, obtain money, leave work unfinished and worst of all, intimidate in order to extort money.

Gwent Police said: “This operation was all about tackling unscrupulous people who cold call, often on the most vulnerable people in our society and overcharge for unsatisfactory or even non existent work”.

chaperone_spyhole_doorcam_dw8When it comes to Bogus Callers and Distraction Burglary (where someone calls at the door under the pretence of needing access to the house to check for a water leak, for example) there is a brilliant new device just out called the Chaperone Automatic Spyhole Doorcam.   

As the name suggests, this little unit fits into the door like a normal spyhole but is connected to an inbuilt  PIR movement detector & camera which, when it spots movement up to a few feet from the door, will automatically record good quality full video of the person or persons face in addition to recording any speech!   This is recorded onto a simple SD card and may later be used in evidence or to help identify the criminal.  As the operation is automatic, the homeowner doesn’t have to remember to do anything but if a crime occurs (or an attempt) the information can be quickly recovered for the police.

The Chaperone Spyhole Doorcam is available from Crime Prevention Products who are one of the largest online retailers in the UK of this type of product. Managing Director, Terry Rattee said “There is often a link between rogue traders and distraction burglars whereby if a person becomes a victim of a rogue trader or distraction burglar, they will often become a repeat victim because of the exchange of information between these groups.”

The Wales regional enforcement operation, which took place at the end of  May  included police forces, along with local Trading Standards units within each local authority. Its aim was to reduce the number of rogue trading incidents and distraction burglary offences through robust enforcement, and to raise public awareness of doorstep crime.

As a result of the operation, there were 13 vehicles seized – 19 Trading Standards offences detected and 5 incidents reported from members of the public.

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