June 3, 2010

Don’t Let Temporary Workers Give Away Your Money

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With the summer season arriving many small businesses such as shops, cafés and kiosks rely on employing temporary workers to help out throughout the busy season. Normally, it is an amicable relationship as the business copes with the extra trade without having to take someone on full time and the worker gets to earn some extra income. However, with all temporary employees it can sometimes create it’s own problems – such as them not being able to spot counterfeit money.

Crime gangs love to operate in the summertime exploiting young workers lack of experience and passing ‘fake’ money over the counter and receiving something for nothing.

This year don’t be taken for a fool check all the money that passes through your shop/kiosk. Train your staff well on how to notice counterfeit money and also what to do when they notice a note id a forgery.

Some of the best anti-fraud money detectors are:

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