December 21, 2010

Fighting Against A Fraudulent Christmas

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With only a few shopping days left, and what with the recent severe winter weather, it is a high priority for most to access the local shops and markets and get as much shopping in as possible. This is usually a very busy time for some street traders and small shops with waves of shoppers bustling in and out, with money passing hands quickly before the next customer pushes in.

This is all a welcome boost to shop owners, however there is a darker side to this time of year… Counterfeit money is big business and millions of pounds of it is in our streets every day. Organised crime gangs know that shopkeepers and market traders are ideal targets and will be looking to pass on fraudulent money in return for legitimate goods. Remember, once you receive a counterfeit note it is illegal to pass it on to another customer. By Law you have a legal responsibility to take the fraudulent money to the proper authorities and out of circulation.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we have a number of counterfeit devices, that will quickly check and highlight to you that the money you’re receiving is either legal or fraudulent.

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