July 11, 2008

Fire Proof Letterboxes Will Prevent Arson Attacks

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POLICE officers have been conducting house to house inquiries in areas of Ramsey in relation to the ongoing investigation into a series of suspected arson incidents.  Two suspicious fires have now occurred in the town during the last 3 weeks.   The second happened at property in the Summerland area when a take- away food container was pushed into the letterbox and set alight.

A spokesman for the Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team said: ‘We are trying to gather as much information as possible and I am grateful for our community’s continued support and co-operation.”

slimline_anti_arson_letterbox_openingIf anyone has concerns about the security of their property, with particular regard to their letterbox access, you can get  Anti Arson Letterboxes  (see example right)  and metal Visor Guards (see below) which will defeat the criminal, hands down! visor_guard

The Fireproof letterbox contains a small polymer tube filled with  Ozone-Friendly FE-25 which will extinguish any fire within seconds, AND prevent it from re-igniting!

The Visor Guard helps prevent anyone reaching in through the letterbox to unlock the door or even to see much if they just try and peek in because they can only look downwards.  

Police are also hunting an arsonist who struck at a house in Dalton last week. A number of firefighters battled to stop the blaze spreading through the mid-terrace house in Harpe Inge, after being called at 2.45am. Petrol had been used to fuel the fire, which ripped through the downstairs rooms and spread to the rest of the house.  Smoke pouring from the blaze forced occupants of the adjoining houses to flee. 

Finally, in yet another attack an explosion which partially demolished a house in the West Midlands is being treated as arson, police have said. The blast in Smethwick, just before 5pm caused a severe fire and 3 people living at the three-storey semi-detached home were accounted for and a number of nearby neighborus were taken into temporary accommodation overnight.

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