October 26, 2010

Futureproof Your Home Security

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Since the new Coalition Government announced it’s measures to bring Britain back from the brink of economical disaster there have been reports, discussions and even demonstrations about what this will really mean to the people of this nation. One area that will be under the spotlight is our great Police force. In a recent news article centered around the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) as they revealed that the police budget for 2011-12 could be reduced by as much as £88,560,000 or the equivalent of losing 2,808 police officers.

With all these Police Officers missing from the streets of Scotland, the SPF have warned that this could be a “false economy that would set Scotland back by decades!”, They also warned that crime levels WILL increase, stressing the knock-on effect on costs to the National Health Service, the courts, social work and other agencies. However, this report is not just unique to Scotland, this will be common to all our Police Constabularies within the UK over the next few years – we can expect to see less police visible on our streets.

Considering what may lay ahead, now is the perfect time to increase your own home security and think about your own families personal protection. Crime Prevention Products have a wide range of security hardware that are guaranteed to help you safe guard your home, family and possessions. No matter what the future holds, it is always better to be prepared!

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