August 13, 2010

Give a Heart an Alarm

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In September, many young women will be looking forward to going to College or University. Moving out of the family home, making new friends and not forgetting the social evenings, can all prove to be a bit overwhelming for some. While others will relish in all the attention as late evenings and constant partying helps them forget the pressures of exams.

When it comes to personal protection, a high number of young women will take on the attitude “It will never happen to me!” However, as we all know, this is drastically the wrong attitude to take but try explaining that to a headstrong young woman. If you offer them a rape alarm or personal attack alarm they’ll probably take it but some will never carry it with them, spouting things like, “It’s not fashionable” or bury the alarm at the bottom of their handbag.

To combat this, have a look at the Heart Keyring Personal Alarm, this personal alarm looks like a fashionable accessory, however, it’s practicable as well, as it sounds out an ear piercing 128db which will help alert others in times of need. Now, there can be no excuses between looking stylish and keeping safe.

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