September 15, 2009

Heavy Duty Caravan Wheel Clamp

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With the last bank holiday now gone and the warm weather disappearing, most caravan owners will soon be turning their attention to safety and how best to protect their caravans from thieves simply hitching up and driving off with them during the winter months.

Alarms are great and do deter many thieves from getting their hands on other people’s goods, although the only drawback being if no one is around to hear your alarm going off, then…

For that very reason, it’s best to have a supporting security measure in place to deter even the most resolute thief.

A solid supporting measure to securing your caravan, aside from removing all the wheels, is to fit a Triangular Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp. This one piece design will immobilise your caravan, so that no one can simply hitch–up and tow it off. Made from hardened steel it comes with locking chain which will fit around most tyres (13” – 17”).

This product is so secure it has been approved by the Home Office.

If you are going away for some winter sun, why not add that little bit of extra protection to the family car, the Triangular Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp chain will allow protection from many types of car from a mini to 4 x 4.

Please note that a padlock is not supplied with this product

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