March 4, 2011

Home Security For Everyone

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Opportunistic BurglarWhether it’s walking to the shops, getting fit in the local park or waiting to use the cash machine at the local convenience store, we want to feel safe while carrying out these actions. In saying that, recently we’ve heard various stories about people being robbed at gun point, women being assaulted as they try to get fit and even opportunistic theft, as masked people ‘snatch and grab’ handbags, laptops and wallets as people go about doing their daily business. Theft of any type can/and will leave most people traumatised often taking them months even years to overcome.

However, there is one crime that most people fear the most, the thought that someone has entered their personal space, looking through their personal possessions for items that can be easily sold on. One shocking statistic is that, every 37 seconds in Britain one house is burgled, that equates to over a million burglaries and attempted burglaries every year. Many people in Britain still have that “it will never happen to me” mentality when it comes to their homes as they “live in a good neighbourhood”, well thieves love home-owners like that, as they can often be seen as easy prey.

The other excuse that people use for not protecting their homes is that “modern house alarms can work out to be very expensive“, this can be true if you decide to go for the top of the range models with plenty of ‘extras’.

We at Crime Prevention Products believe that every home in Britain should have some kind of home security which will stop thieves simply walking in and out as they please. That’s why we stock an affordable range of home security products which will give you that extra peace of mind while your in or even out of your family home.

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