June 17, 2008

House or Room Alarms help deter burglaries in University Towns

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Mothers and fathers, as well as potential students, take note. The most crime-ridden university city in the United Kingdom (outside the capital) is Nottingham, according to figures published last week.

The town, once known for its links to Robin Hood, contains the highly rated universities (Nottingham and Nottingham Trent), yet the number of burglaries and robberies is higher than in any other provincial UK city.

Nottingham recently acquired a name for being the gun capital of the UK, a name its citizens reject. It is, however, the burglary capital of the country, according to new statistics compiled by the Good University Guide from the Home Office. Students, in particular, are vulnerable to being burgled.

Runner-up in the crime stakes for university cities is Manchester, followed by Liverpool, Bristol and Leeds. The safest places in which to study are Canterbury, Bath and Lancaster.

keyfob_pir_intruder_alarmUniversities are no longer the places of safety they once were with around one in three students falling victim to crime each year. However, it is fairly straightforward to help prevent thefts from the rooms occupied by students by going to an online site where you will be able to buy a Room/Shed/Garage Alarm for as little as £24.95 which will sound a 130 decibel ear shattering alarm when someone enters an unnoccupied room.

If you are sharing accomodation with others, it works out quite cheap to purchase a couple of these alarms to cover the hallway and perhaps the communal lounge area and is easily turned on and off with the keyfob provided. You may even buy additional Keyfobs so that each person sharing the accomodation has one! Remember young people aged 16 to 24 are three times more likely to be victims of crime.

Thieves breaking in to university accommodation that houses, say, five students could net a tidy haul of five TV sets, five stereos and five computers. And such items can be sold on easily, providing rich pickings to any burglar.

That is why both the Home Office and the National Union of Students urge students to take out insurance and report crimes. And it is also why universities in the UK are now putting a lot of effort into improving security on campus by, for example, ensuring halls of residence have proper locks and lighting the campus properly

This year’s Good University Guide table shows that the positions of most of the universities has not changed since last year. Nottingham had the highest crime statistics of all cities last year, and Manchester was the runner-up last year, too.

If you want to look at crime statistics for university towns and cities, go to the Home Office’s website at www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/crimeew0607.html.  Click on Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships – recorded crime for key offences 2005-06 to 2006-07.

More information on the league tables and a whole lot more is on the Good University Guide Website located at www.thegooduniversityguide.org.uk

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