October 22, 2010

Internet Security

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Nowadays, people use the internet for a number of reasons, including shopping, entertainment, where to find stuff, talking to family and friends in distant countries, meeting new friends or even dating. The list is endless, and as our love of being online continues to grow then so will the reasons as to why we need to be hooked on to the net 24/7.

Most of Britain is able to receive a decent internet bandwidth connection so why not use it to help protect your family and home. Just imagine being out a friends home, at a conference or even away on your annual holiday and you wish to check on your home or even how the babysitter is doing looking after your children?

Available now at Crime Prevention Products is the Secure View Day and Night Wireless Internet Camera, which will allow you to watch your home day or night and transmit in real time. So you can see exactly what is happening right now via a secure live feed direct to your internet connection no matter where you are in the world. Although this camera is initially for internal use there is now a separate weather proof external housing attachment available so you can view the outside of your premisses. The camera will even send you a still image snapshot direct to your email account showing you what triggered it’s sensors.

This is one of the better internet based home security products as to why we need to be connected to the internet.

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