March 2, 2011

London Olympics Ticket Fraud Alert

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London Olympics 2012 Ticket FraudAccording to a recent report (source) nearly 13 million people in Britain were targeted by credit card fraudsters in 2010, this could have happened as they bought goods on unsecured websites or had their cards cloned by criminal gangs operating in shops and market places or even had their details stolen from discarded bank and credit card statements. Whichever way the criminals managed to obtain the details, many of the ‘victims’ didn’t know their card was used until they received a statement or went to use their card only to find that their ‘limit’ had been reached.

With one of the worlds biggest sporting events due to take place in our country in 2012 the police are worried that criminal organisations will see this as a phenomenally good opportunity to take advantage of people’s inexperience when it come to purchasing tickets over the internet. The Metropolitan Police are so concerned about this that they are setting up their own units to help tackle cyber crime at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Operation Podium will be split into two separate units, one of the teams will be dealing with combating Olympics related e-crime activity, such as fraud and hacking, while the other unit will be dedicated almost exclusively to the prevention of ticketing fraud.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we are only to aware that criminals will see this as a massive opportunity to make free money. Which is why we decided to blog about a few tips to help you secure your tickets and prevent your money from simply disappearing out of your account.

  • is the official site of the 2012 Olympics and one of the more reliable online sites where you’ll be able to purchase tickets. It is the ONLY site to buy official hospitality and travel packages.
  • Don’t give anyone your credit card details in order to obtain cheap tickets – this may cost you more than you expected.
  • As the Olympics draw closer, there may be counterfeit tickets being passed around the local clubs and pubs, if a deal seems to good to be true – it probably is.

These are just a few crime prevention measures that will help you purchase your London Olympic tickets and be reassured that you’ll receive your genuine tickets plus not a penny more than which you paid will leave your account.

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