June 5, 2009

Neighbourhood Watch

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Nosy neighbours, part time policemen, call them what you want, but a neighbourhood watch scheme does help prevent crime in your area. What is a neighbourhood watch scheme? This is when the people of a community get together to tackle crime, it is now one of the most successful crime prevention schemes ever. Not only does it prevent crime, but as you are all looking out for each others property and possessions it brings back a sense of community spirit, making your area a better place to live and work.

neighbourhood-watchThis scheme works by householders and local police having a close relationship, it is worth remembering that a neighbourhood watch scheme is run by the residents in a community not the police, the police are there to give you support only, the success of your scheme depends on the residents that are willing to participate within it.

As every neighbourhood is different there is no set rules to how they are run, each scheme is run by its own members, and they elect a resident to co-ordinate between its members and the police. Once the residents are elected they have regular meetings and set out their ‘goals’, they can invite speakers to their meetings to discuss home security, alarms and other crime prevention issues.

Neighbourhood watch members are not vigilantes – they are there to pass information to the police and help keep their streets crime free.

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