August 4, 2008

Number Of Young Offenders Soars to All-Time High

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The number of young offenders being dealt with by police and the courts has jumped by more than a quarter in the last six years.

In some areas of England and Wales, the number of under 18’s being handled by the criminal justice system has nearly doubled in the same period. Figures gathered under the Freedom of Information Act showed a 27% increase in the number of children and youths convicted or cautioned. The number of under 15’s increased by a third, and there was an 11% increase in the number of adults dealt with by the criminal justice system in the same period.

For example a 28-year-old woman has become one of London’s latest victims of knife crime after she was stabbed to death outside a supermarket in south London – 500 yards from her house.  Dee Willis was stabbed several times in the upper body outside a supermarket in south London.

Her death was the third in the capital in three days and the second in as many days in south London. It followed those of Ben Kinsella and Hamouda Bessaad who died on the Sunday and Monday and it comes in the wake of the news that more than 1,000 people were arrested after the Metropolitan Police’s latest knife crackdown.

26,777 stop and searches were carried out and over 500 weapons recovered during Operation Blunt Two, a six-week operation that led to 1,214 arrests.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner joined the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, in urging the public to do more to counter knife crime.

In another incident a Jewish man was stabbed in Golders Green, just meters from the scene of a double stabbing back in April.  The 55-year-old man was stabbed with a knife at about 8.40pm.  A police spokesman said the man was found with a single wound under his arm and he was taken by ambulance to a north London Hospital in a stable condition. 

With the increase in violent, unprovoked assaults taking place around the country and the massive increase in youth crime (the principal protagonists in this type of crime) now is the time to consider something like the UV Personal Attack Defence Spray  which is specially formulated (and therefore legal) for the UK market and made by Mace.

stoppa_red_defence_spray_sprayed_faceThe spray comes in handy canisters which will fit easily into a pocket or bag and you can even get a small pouch to fit onto your belt. A simple press on the firing button will cause the Defence Spray to shoot out a stream of sticky goo into the face of any assailant (see opposite). This then spreads getting into the eyes, mouth and nose and whilst causing no harm (completely non toxic) the attacker will reel back not knowing what has happened. This will usually give the victim enough time to get away from the scene.

The attacker meanwhile, is left with what looks like blood all over him or her which is going to draw attention to them as they also run away. Not only that, but it leaves an invisible ultraviolet trace on their clothing and skin which may help with identification later.

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