July 28, 2008

Personal Alarms can be used to Frighten off Bag/Purse Snatchers on Holiday

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Violent crime is on the rise in many once-safe communities, and more and more people are finding it necessary to include an extra measure of security to protect themselves and their loved ones from assault. Passing through familiar or unfamiliar neighborhoods, being alone at the office or even just walking across the car park at night to get to your car can pose a serious risk to your safety.

Terry Rattee of Crime Prevention Products said “Going away on holiday is a vital time to begin considering a personal alarm which has the ability to attach to your bag or purse because sadly, bag and purse snatches are on the increase when abroad.”  

genny_all_purpose_alarmThe Genny’ All-Purpose Personal Alarm (seen right) has such an attachment which allows the user to connect one end of the alarm to their purse or bag and the other (with the pin connector) to a belt loop for example.

As soon as someone grabs the bag or purse, this triggers the 130+ decibel alarm and because it is still attached to the stolen item, it is screaming as they run. It would be a very brave thief that does not drop the item quickly.

There are many different types and sizes of personal alarms to suit every need and lifestyle. They travel easily in pocket or purse, and some personal alarms have other handy self-defence and safety aids built into them, such as a torch or flashing strobe light. These personal alarms are perfect for a woman alone, joggers and cyclists or night-shift employees who might have to enter a dark building or parking lot.

For more information or advice about other Personal Alarms and other helpful self-defence items, visit CPP at www.crimepreventionproducts.co.uk or telephone 01494 792592

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