February 9, 2012

Protect Your Garden Shed During The Winter Months

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With the weathermen predicting more snow and another cold spell ahead of us, many residents will be finding themselves heading home after their daily shift, close their front door behind them and not open it again until the next morning. This is typical winter behaviour, who doesn’t prefer to stay snug and secure inside as outside temperatures plummet. But this domesticated from of human hibernation during the cold months is also good news for the active thiefs ‘who live amongst us‘ as they can sneak around their gardens without any or little disturbance.

As we know, opportunist thieves will take full advantage of any situation, where they can make some free and easy money and unprotected garages and garden sheds are prime pickings. Think about it… What have you got stored in your garden shed… Bicycles? DIY or garden tools and equipment? Perhaps even expensive fishing equipment or golfing gear? All under one roof and probably poorly protected. Goods worth hundreds or thousands of pounds just waiting to be stolen without too much effort. You can now begin to understand why burglars target garden sheds, allotments and garages, up and down the country, at this time of the year.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we urge that people boost their security with extra locks and garage & shed alarms to make sure their property is safe and secure from winter time sneak thiefs.

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