October 1, 2010

Protecting Your Gardening Equipment

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As many gardener knows this is a crucial time of year as they have to prepare their land for the next growing season. However, one of the main problems about this time of year is the fading light. Gardeners will work through all weathers but they struggle to work in the dark.

Gardening equipment can often cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds and where do gardeners place there tools after a long day – in most cases they’ll likely tuck away that expensive equipment in an unsecured shed at the bottom of the garden.

With Christmas just a few months away, thieves will be looking for ways to gain extra money. Unfortunately, this might mean your shed could be penciled down on their shopping list as a potential prime target for them to give a little night time visit

Thankfully, there are several ways that you can deter thieves from entering your premises, but one of the best is by installing security lighting. Crime Prevention Products recommend the Illumicam Security Floodlight with Hidden Camera. Not only will the Illumicam light up your garden it can also take a high-res video or picture of anyone who tries to enter your garden area.

The IllumiCam Security Floodlight with Hidden Camera & Audible Warning Description in Action

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