February 6, 2009

Ranch Style Driveway Alarm

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When it comes to safegaurding large private properties, there is hardly an alarm out there thatcan match the range, price and quality of the Ranch Style Driveway Alarm. This impressive alarm has a range of 900 meters (over half a mile – line of sight), is completely weatherproof and also has a 12 month guarantee included. The Ranch Style Driveway Alarm is quoted as being the next step in the evolution of wireless driveway technology.

ranch_style_driveway_alarm_kit_dw31The effectiveness of the Ranch Style Driveway Alarm, together with its long range and wireless capabilities means that is ideal protection for large private estates, rural farms, building entrances, office building perimeters, workplace yards etc…

The Ranch Style Driveway Alarm has a PIR Movement Detector which operates from a 9v PP3 battery (supplied) and will last between 6 – 12 months. The width of the Infra-Red Beam is 1 – 1.5 meters with a maximum beam range of 25 meters (each PIR can be adjusted to either 8 – 15 or 25 meter beam length). As this produces a narrow beam, the detector can be set above the height of normal animals so as to help avoid false alarms.

The Receiver can operate up to 4 different alarm sounds and will sound for several seconds together with a red LED light above the channel number. This will quickly help you identify which detector has been triggered. The alarm’s volume control is fully adjustable, so you can decide just how loud you want it.

The Ranch Style Driveway Alarm comes with three additional accessories such as the Ranch Style Driveway Alarm additional PIR, the Ranch Style Driveway Alarm External Siren and finally the Ranch Style Driveway Alarm Flashing Light.

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