July 29, 2010

Running On Alarm Power

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How many people up-and-down the country have recently purchased garages, sheds or even an extra outhouse? Then filled them with expensive items such as power tools, golf clubs, lawnmowers, heck even the family car, if there’s room. Now, how many of us have electricity wired up to their new garage, shed or outbuilding? Not many, I bet. Of course there are instances when hooking up your shed to the national grid is just not required – mostly, though, it’s the expense which puts us off the idea.

If you fall within the group of people (probably, the majority) that don’t have electricity running to your garage, shed or outbuilding, yet still need to fill it with expensive items and are worried about security then here at Crime Prevention Products we have just the product for you. The Yale Wireless Burglar Alarm Including External Siren is the perfect answer for the more remote location where power is not available, for example vulnerable farm buildings with expensive machinery or stock contents, remote houses or buildings, boat yards, Stable tack Rooms and even Containers which are used to hold valuable equipment.

Running off a battery which will last about two years this alarm system comes supplied with:

    Two movement sensors and two Door/Window Contacts .
    Key-fobs which will activate/deactivate the system.
    Battery which has a life span of about two years.

In today’s society there is no excuse to give thieves a chance. Personal protection and home security is a matter for everyone to consider.

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