December 10, 2008

Shoddy CCTV Help Crooks Get Away

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For over a decade CCTV has helped businesses and property owners protect their investments. Thousands of arrests have been possible thanks to CCTV. But it seems lately that many of us have become lacksidasical with our CCTV systems with vital evidence in crimes being lost because the CCTV cameras are not being looked after properly. In fact the problem is so widescale that Police have issued a new report urging owners of CCTV cameras to look after their systems better.

cctv-image Main Crime Prevention officer from Tayside Police, Donald Campbell said, “CCTV is not something that you fit and forget. It must be properly deployed and maintained before it can do the job it is designed for.” Many Police officers found that when they turned to CCTV systems in shops to help aid with a crime they found that the staff were unable or not trained to download images, the CCTV system itself was so poorly maintained that the images were of a very low quality and finally staff had actually placed obstacles in front of the CCTV camera such as christmas decorations.

Mr Campbell goes onto say, “I would urge all owners or managers of businesses with CCTV cameras installed to take the time to make sure that their system is fit for purpose.” Here at Crime Prevention Products we cannot urge businesses and property owners enough the benefits of having a well maintained, up-to-date CCTV system protecting their property and their staff.

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  1. Ya, Its bad that the cctv installed shop keepers are not trained or taught to download images, and does not use the cctv effectively. If this is the case, then installation of cctv is a mere waste.


    Comment by CCTV in chennai — February 13, 2009 @ 5:47 am

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