August 31, 2010

Simple and Safe Home Security Products

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What is it about home security that has people shaking their heads saying, “It’s not for me, it’s far too expensive” or “We live in a good area and don’t require any”.

Here at Crime Protection Products we understand that people may have limited funds when it comes to home security products and therefore have a range of products that will suite any budget. We also know that there is no such area which is safe from the opportunistic thief.

Residents and businesses don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on protecting their possessions. Here are a few simple and safe home security products which will help safeguard the contents of your home/office whilst just costing a few quid:

  • Sash Window Lock, for properties with older style sash windows these simple devises will stop the windows being forced up.
  • Hinge Bolt, these are the ideal security feature to prevent weak areas of your property being used as easy access points, hinge bolts are ideal for places like back doors and office doors.
  • Morticed Security Door Bolt and Key, ideal as a secondary means of protection for either internal and external doors.
  • Heavy Duty Door Chain, never fully open your door to a stranger again, made for both wooden and PVC doors this is the perfect security measure to tackle bogus and forced entry burglars.
  • Safe Cans, who would ever think of looking for your valuables in a can of ‘Baked Beans ‘ or a Tin of Tomato Soup’

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