February 22, 2011

Staying Safe on a Backpacking Holiday

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Round about this time of year people may be busy thinking about their annual getaway. The thought of heading off for a week or two to some sunny shore or Backpacking through some foreign countryside is enough to get everyone excited. Hours will be spent planning, discussing and booking the holiday, either online or through the local travel agents, making sure that everything is just right.

When it comes to your annual holiday, no one expects things to go wrong. However, as we all know sometimes nothing ever goes to plan. Holiday firms going into administration, hotels being closed down and freak weather patterns can turn your fortnight break in to a holiday from hell. In most cases, people will have holiday insurance which will cover them for most of the inconvenience, after all, that’s why we purchase it in the first place.

A few things to consider when it comes to Backpacking, Horse Riding or even Skiing holidays, either in your own country or heading further afield… People have to be more aware of the dangers of something going wrong. Although specialist holiday insurance is a must, there are also other precautions that are advisable to help protect yourself as well as your possessions.

Crime Prevention Products have a range of Travel and Backpacking security products which will alert attention, help protect and hide some of your most valuable possessions. Door guards and alarmed door wedges for hostels, hiding places for your passports and money and even emergency lighting are all products that should be thought about before heading off on your backpacking adventure.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we believe that everyone has the right to have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Keyless Door LockEmergency Wind Up TorchSafe-Book the brilliantly clever hiding placeSport And Hikers Sponge Alarm

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