August 27, 2010

Studying To Keep Our Children Safe

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When it comes to protecting our kids, we try to give them all the worldly advice and wisdom that we have accumulated throughout the years, however, like most parental discussions, it often goes in one ear and out the other. In just a few weeks time, thousands of our nation’s children will be leaving the family home for the first time and heading off to University and College campuses.

Without doubt, this is a time for mixed emotions and excited nervousness as parents up and down the land, watch their children take their first steps towards adulthood and learning the basic tools required for future career opportunities.

On the flip side, Universities and Colleges are renowned for their party nights, social evenings and late night study classes. Which can often have most parents worrying that their children are taking care of themselves.

“Study Nights” can quickly descend into “a late night students party” – no surprise there then – and we all know, that cooking when drunk is never a good recipe (half of accidental house fires are caused by cooking), nor is smoking in small, confined quarters. Here at Crime Protection Products, we have a range of fire safety products that will help alert your child should a fire accidentally break out.

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