May 27, 2009

Violent UK Females On The Increase

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Violent attacks from UK females is on the increase. Figures have jumped to 13% for 2007/08 compared to 11% of the previous year which works out at 281,320 assaults, robberies and muggings carried out by violent women and girls. Half of all violent attacks involve alcohol fuelling fears that binge-drinking among young women is out-of-control.

The ‘Ladette Culture’ borne from binge-drinking in young women and teenage girls has seen a 300% increase, since 2001, in achohol-related violent crimes. The worst age group for young girls is the 15-16 year olds. The other issue within these results, is how many women or young ladies, are putting themselves at risk from violent or sexual assaults by being too inebriated to protect themselves in the case of an attack.

Below, Professor Carrie Paechter discusses ladettes, the new culture for women to binge drink and how it all affects society.

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