August 27, 2008

What Kind of Security do you get from Dummy Cameras?

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If you are a business owner, no matter what kind of business that may be, chances are you have worried about the security of your money and your stock. You can’t be everywhere at once; watching the stock, the cash registers, the safes, the employees and the customers, it’s impossible and installing a fully-fledged camera system that covers every room and every angle can be a very expensive endeavour, especially if you have a lot of floor space.

dummu_dome_cameraSo what’s a concerned business owner or manager to do? This is the kind of stressful situation that can actually be alleviated with a full-scale security system that only APPEARS to be a security system. Dummy Cameras (like the one shown left) available by Mail Order from websites like Crime Prevention Products (who are one of the largest online retailers in the UK of this type of product), are a great way to deter crime in whatever form you feel it might take – shoplifting, employee thievery, or even just paid staff wasting too much time on the clock! The key is simply to hook up an elaborate (or simple, as the case may be) network of dummy cameras where they seem to be semi-hidden but are in fact in plain view.

Although dummy cameras are clearly not going to monitor your space in actuality, they will give the impression that they are to anyone who might pose a risk. Would-be shoplifters who see what looks like a security camera pointed right at them aren’t going to stuff anything into their pockets, and staff members who work in front of the fake lens all day aren’t likely to make off with any of your cash. The real job of dummy cameras is to instil fear into the hearts of potential criminals who could very well hurt your profits or even your business reputation. As far as thieves are concerned, dummy cameras are exactly the same as real cameras because they are in view, and they appear to be recording the day’s events for you to review at any time you see fit.

professional_external_dummy_camera_new_cam6The key to success with dummy cameras is to NOT LET ANYONE KNOW THEY’RE FAKE! With the possible exception of store managers and partners (use your own discretion), if one person knows you are using dummy cameras, word will spread. Initially, it will be harmless – one innocent staff or family member will tell a friend, and the gossip will continue until someone who is not so innocent hears the news. If you want to keep your business safe using dummy cameras, you have to keep the security measures to yourself. Think about it this way – if you are having trust issues with customers and staff members in the first place, you can’t extend any trust to these same people when it comes to security cameras.

So are dummy cameras actually as effective as real camera security systems? Well, they can be, so long as you take the necessary precautions to prevent anyone from discovering that they are fake. Don’t install dummy cameras anywhere that people can reach or play around with them – they’ve got to be out of reach, but in view just the same. Keep this in mind and your business is much safer for it!

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