July 13, 2010

What Price Do You Put On Your Home Security

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When we mention the word security we automatically conjure up images of bulking six foot plus men dressed in black suits keeping the crowd away from celebrities or shadowing big name political leaders. In reality, security can be defined as a measure that is undertaken to counteract the actions of people attempting to cause destruction or theft.

We like to think that one of the safest places we know is within our own four walls. No matter what is going on outside, we can block it out by closing the windows, locking the doors and like a medieval walled city gates we’ll feel safe inside.

However, from the beginning of time there have been people which have taken possessions that didn’t belong to them, as far back as the pre-dynastic Egyptian tomb raiders. In modern times, things may have changed some but are they really any better when we think of protecting our possessions – we still have people who are only too happy to take full advantage of an open window or an unlocked door – even more so now as the ordinary modern family acquire more material possessions than ever before.

One of the most commonly used devices to ward off potential thieves is the home alarm system, as thieves tend to work better under the cover of darkness and in silence. A simple alarm system can alert the occupants in a building that someone is attempting to gain entry helping them take the appropriate action.

There are also more sophisticated alarm systems such as the BT Home Monitored Wireless Burglar Alarm which if triggered automatically raises the alarm to you and your friends by telephone, text message and/or email whilst also sounding an 85 decibel internal siren to warn off the intruder. This is the ideal system if you’re off site on business meeting or enjoying a family holiday.

In the end home security can be as expensive or as cheep as you want to make it. Being pro-active on home security can help drive your insurance premiums down and help protect your family and possessions. What Price Do You Put On Your Home Security?

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