December 16, 2010

Xmas Party Season Safety Tips

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Over the next weeks, many work employees will be heading out to restaurants, bars and night clubs as the winter party season gets in to full swing. With more people than usual out and about, celebrating and being merry, it is essential that a proper responsibility of care is shown by all. Nobody want to be a party pooper but neither is starting the New Year off with a harrassment charge hanging over their heads.

As the drinks begin to flow the atmosphere can become more and more relaxed, causing a certain amount of flirtation between some employees. Some people say this is ‘healthy’, and some people enjoy the attention it brings. However, when does simple flirtation become full blown harassment? For some men and women the Christmas party will end in tragedy with them being sexually assaulted. Work functions are covered by sexual harassment laws and the Work Christmas party is considered a ‘work activity‘ and is not just confined to your place of work – it can be an off-site party and also includes the journey home.

Examples of sexual harassment at a Work Christmas party include the following :

  • Unwelcome physical contact
  • Suggestive comments / sexual propositions
  • Leering / staring
  • Unwelcome enquiries into a person’s private life
  • Persistent unwanted requests to go out

Crime Prevention Products have a wide range of personal alarms that will alert anyone passing by that you are in need of assistance. A personal alarm can be a great detterent and help the victim gain some valuable seconds to get away from their attacker.

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