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Counterfeit Detection What To Look For


This page is designed to assist you when checking for forged notes. Banknotes are printed uncer VERY strict security measures and most currency notes contain specially designed security features which are incredibly difficult to replicate without expensive equipment. Such security features include Watermarks - Silver Thread - Unique Numbering and the use of Micro Lettering (extremely small writing that can only be easily read with the help of a magnifying glass).

When checking for counterefit currency notes you should consider the following:

Feel the paper, banknote paper is not made from your normal paper, it is made (once again under tight security) from cotton pulp and contains no bleach. This type of papare will feel different to normal paper and even an old note will still feel quite crisp. Not only that but on genuine notes you will 'feel' slightly raised print particularly at the top front of the note.

Look for a Watermark by holding the note up to the light, when turned over, the Watermark should appear in reverse.

Look for the Silver Thread which will look 'dotted' across the note but when held up to the light is seen to be continuous.

Look at the Micro Lettering (you will need a magnifying glass) and see how clear this lettering is despite the small print.

Look carefully at any Hologram (often Silver on UK notes) this will have different coulours apperaing when you tilt the note at different angles and you will even see the note denomination at one particular angle 9for example a figure 5 on a £5 note).  


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