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Counterfeit Detection


Crime Prevention Products have a comprehensive range of Ultraviolet lamps that all work on the Wavelength of 365-385nm and are unrivalled in choice to suit all requirements and space availability. We have small keyring Ultraviolet lamps as well as handy battery operated handheld UV lamps. For the retail sector we offer desktop ultraviolet counterfeit detection lamps with high quality electronics. All you have to do is place the note under the black light and it wiil instantly reveal hidden coded marking in bright yellow/red.

Counterfeit Detection Money Pens, are a cheaper alternative and are quick and simple to use, just make a small mark on the note, perhaps a circle or a cross and the ink will immediately notify you if the note is genuine or could be suspect. If the ink fades or remains light in colour the note is probably genuine but if the ink turns brown or black it is suspect.

Any of the above will help identify forged notes whether they are Euros - US Dollars or British Pounds etc.

For advice on choosing and using your UV lamp, read our UV Lamps information page.

Flatfish Counterfeit Detector Key Ring UV Light

Useful Key Ring Mini Ultraviolet Light for Counterfeit Detection

Flatfish Counterfeit Detector Key Ring UV  Light

RRP £9.95
Price £5.75
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Mains Operated Forged Note Counterfeit Detector UV Lamp (Busicom MD1189)

Busicom MD1189 Mains Operated UV Forged Noted Detector offering a bright 9 Watt Ultraviolet Light. Ideal for checking banknotes, passports and birth certificates etc.

Mains Operated Forged Note Counterfeit Detector UV Lamp (Busicom MD1189)

RRP £29.99
Price £19.19
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Dual Checker Counterfeit Detector UV Light now with Bright White Light (Busicom MD1983)

Busicom MD1983 12 Watts UV Counterfeit Note Detector Lamp with white light checker. Now fitted with new brighter LED White light, Magnifying Lens and Magnetic Ink Reader.

Dual Checker Counterfeit Detector UV Light now with Bright White Light (Busicom MD1983)

RRP £49.95
Price £38.39
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