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Dakota Long Range Driveway Alarm

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Dakota Long Range Driveway Alarm

A Driveway Alarm with up to 800m Range between sensor and receiver

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Product Code: CPP-DW41

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Dakota Long Range Driveway Alarm Features

Dakota Long Range Driveway Alarm Description

The Dakota Long Range Driveway alert System has been in use extensively in the United States for many years and has a proven track record making it the ideal choice for keeping watch over your driveway or entrance.

The Motion Sensor is powered by a standard 9v battery which should last up to 18 months whilst the Receiver is plugged into any mains socket and can therefore be moved from room to room as required (for example from the living room to the bedroom etc.) The Passive Infra Red emitted from the sensor is in a narrow beam to help prevent false alarms and will be sent wirelessly to the Receiver up to 800m away (about half a mile) line of sight depending on the terrain between.

If the battery starts to run low on the motion sensor then the receiver will give a double warning beep to alert you.

Position the Motion Sensor in the desired location, preferably between waist and shoulder height looking at an angle across the protected are and then plug the Receiver into any normal 13amp socket and switch it on. You should carry out walk tests to ensure the sensor covers the area required and you can then adjust the alert sound and volume as needed.


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