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Defence Sprays and Gas Alarms

We have the largest selection of Gas Operated Personal Alarms and Defence Sprays anywhere on the internet and we fully understand that it can be a bit daunting to try and make an informed decision so to help you decide, we have chosen the best Personal Safety Alarms and Defence Sprays available that are Gas Operated.

Defence Sprays (with the exception of the Trident Triple Action) are not alarms! They are a very good deterrent however because they spray a coloured liquid (RED) into the face of an aggressor which gets into the eyes, nose and mouth. They do not know what has been sprayed and this has the effect of disorientating them (not to mention temporarily causing difficulty in vision). This not only gives time to escape but also leaves them covered in a red dye whch helps with identification later. The coloured dye will wash off but not easily and especially from clothing. Not only that but it leaves an invisible UV Tracer on their clothing and skin which they do NOT know about and this lasts some time too.

When it comes to deciding which Defence Spray to buy it really comes down to how much you are willing to pay for your security. When you think of the police pepper sprays that are used around the world, they are virtually all made by the famous MACE Company in the US. This is quite simply because they are the best AND the most reliable (otherwise worldwide police forces would not choose them). The Mace pepper sprays of course are ILLEGAL in the UK (and some other countries in Europe too) so we went to MACE and asked them to produce a defence spray with the same reliablity that WOULD be legal over here. Enter the STOPPA RED range. These are COMPLETELY LEGAL here and have been manufactured to the same high standards as their core products. For this reason naturally, they are more expensive (but also contain more propellant  than the samller cheaper units made by others (about 20g difference in the weights).


Whilst Gas Operated Alarms are not as convenient to carry as their battery counterparts, they are certainly much more effective because, as they are operated by direct gas output, the sound is very shrill and ear piercing.

To operate a Gas Alarm you just push down on the cap on top of the cannister either with a finger or thumb or by pushing it against your thigh bone for example. Point the alarm directly at the aggressor and the sound will be very painful on their ears (the closer they get the worse it will be for them).

See below for Personal Alarms that are the most powerful available today:

Trident Triple Action Personal Rape Alarm and Defence Spray

Triple Action Personal Alarm & Self defence Spray with foul odour and UV tracer combined with ear-piercing Alarm function.

Trident Triple Action Personal Rape Alarm and Defence Spray

Price £13.19
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StoppaRed Mini Defence Spray

A Mini Defence Spray in a 'go anywhere' lipstick sized canister that will send a ballistic jet of bright red liquid into the face of an attacker over 8 feet away!

StoppaRed Mini Defence Spray

RRP £17.99
Price £13.99
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Mini Foaming Defence Spray UK

Our Mini Foaming Defence Spray releases a high pressure coloured spray into the face of an attacker

Mini Foaming Defence Spray UK

RRP £14.99
Price £11.99
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StoppaRed UV Personal Attack Self Defence Spray made by MACE®

Self Defence spray that sprays out thick slimy goo, staining the face and leaves UV Tracer - the Ultimate device for defending yourself!

StoppaRed UV Personal Attack Self  Defence Spray made by MACE®

RRP £25.99
Price £19.99
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