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Anti Arson Fireproof Letterboxes

The range of Anti Arson Fireproof Letterboxes stocked by Crime Prevention Products are designed to remove the threat of arson by containing any flammable liquid that may be poured through your letterbox. Any resulting fire is then automatically extinguished by our in-built extinguishing system. The boxes are all made from fireproof sheet steel and have a neoprene seal surrounding the letter opening which seals the unit maintaining the fire integrity. Our Anti Arson Letterboxes have been tested at the Warrington Fire Research Establishment to determine performance. Tests, designed to represent different methods of arson attack were carried out using a series of ignition sources, each of which was designed to represent a potential method of attack. The tests demonstrated that our anti arson letterboxes can successfully contain an arson attack and provide significant protection against a serious fire developing within a building. It further revealed that had our anti arson letterbox not been present, all of the arson attacks considered in the tests could have caused ignition of the contents behind the door (e.g. ignition of a floor covering, curtains or even wall coverings) and almost certainly would have resulted in a major fire.

Crime Prevention Products Anti Arson Letterboxes contain a thermo-sensitive polymer tube filled with the ozone friendly extinguishant FE-25 which is discretely placed within the letterbox and will put a fire out in less than 15 seconds, before it has the chance to spread. They are simple to install and (other than the external Wall Mounted Model) designed to be fitted against the back of any standard letter plate.

Note that these boxes are unsuitable for Upvc or panelled/moulded doors

Slimline Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox - Ideal for Home, Office, School etc.

Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox incorporating Fire Extinguisher.

Slimline Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox - Ideal for Home, Office, School etc.

RRP £144.95
Price £125.99
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Jumbo Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox

Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox incorporating Fire Extinguisher. Especially suitable for commercial premises and offices.

Jumbo Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox

RRP £224.95
Price £179.99
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Chubby Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox

The One & Only Chubby Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox ideal for the home. Now with NEW extinguishant!

Chubby Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox

RRP £179.95
Price £166.80
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Wall-mounted Anti Arson Fireproof Letterbox

Wall Mounted Anti-Arson Fireproof Letterbox incorporating Fire Extinguisher. Designed for external use.

Wall-mounted Anti Arson Fireproof Letterbox

RRP £224.95
Price £179.99
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