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Carbon Monoxide Portable Alarm

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Carbon Monoxide Portable Alarm

Battery Powered Electronic Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Do you know the risk of Carbon Monoxide, the Silent Killer?

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Carbon Monoxide Portable Alarm Features

Carbon Monoxide Portable Alarm Description

This fantstic alarm is the answer for warning you about the presence of Carbon Monoxide in the air.
It is known as the Silent Killer because it has no smell, taste or colour

Potential danger areas in your home include Water Heater - Clogged Chimney or Flue - Gas, Coal or Wood fire - Boiler or Heater - Car fumes from or in the garage - Portable cooking equipment used in enclosed spaces - Portable Gas or Paraffin Heaters and Kitchen Cookers.

With just 150 parts per million (ppm) in the air, you will suffer slight headache, tiredness, dizziness and nausea after 2-3 hours.
At 400 ppm: Frontal headache will occur within 1-2 hours and become life threatening after 3 hours.
At 800 ppm: Dizziness, nausea & convulsions within 45 minutes, unconciousness within 2 hours and death within 2-3 hours.
At 1600 ppm: Headache, dizziness & nausea within 20 minutes and death within 1 hour.

What is Carbon Monoxide (CO)?
CO is a commonly found, insidious and deadly poisonous gas, produced when gas, oil, solid fuel appliances or even cars are in operation. Greater amounts are produced if there is inadequate ventilation/oxygen for the appliance to use, or if the appliance is not working properly, perhaps due to poor installation, lack of regular servicing or a chimney/flue blockage. CO can cause death or permanent injury to oxygen rich tissue such as the brain or heart.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is often confused with flu or cold symptoms or the effects of modern living.

What are the danger signs?
For you, these could be the first signs of CO poisoning :
If you feel drowsy, overtired, have a headache, dizziness or nausea, or have pains in the chest or stomach – seek medical advice.
For your appliance: If your appliance has stains, soot deposits or is burning yellow/orange or smells of fumes/tends to go out – have the appliance serviced.

If your Carbon Monoxide Detector is activated by the presence of CO, the alarm will imediately sound. It is important that you switch off your Gas appliance, ventilate the room and contact a specialist immediately. Remember to have your appliances serviced at least once a year.

REMEMBER : If you feel overtired or even have a headache, CHECK THE DETECTOR – It could save your life.

SUITABLE FOR USE IN THE HOME, OFFICE, BED-SITS, HOTEL ROOMS, CARAVANS, BOATS Etc. Checks all gas, oil and solid fuel appliances (even garages) for deadly CO leakage.

Can be placed on walls or tables in any room.
This unit meets all European Standards and is Guaranteed for 5 years too.

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