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Home/Residential Driveway Alarm

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Home/Residential Driveway Alarm

Entry level wireless alarm that alerts you when anyone enters your garden or driveway up to 60m range.

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Product Code: CPP-DW37

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November 6 2014 3:52 pm
Ordered 06/10/2014, shipped 06/10/2014, received 07/10/2014,installed and working 08/10/2014. An all round excellent service. It is refreshing to see that the retailer of these electrical products also actually reads the installation instructions and where necessary overwrites the ambiguities. C Clarke

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Home/Residential Driveway Alarm Features

Home/Residential Driveway Alarm Description

This is a brand new version of the old favourite driveway alarm and is our entry level system. It is a wire free device that alerts you when anyone enters your garden, driveway, outhouse or garage. The weather proof sensor will send a signal to the receiver located in the house and is far superior in reliability to all previous low-cost driveway alarms.

When activated, the receiver gives a Chime or Alarm (depending upon which you decided to activate) alerting you to a visitor or intruder. You can change  this setting by following the instructions provided. 

Range up to 200 feet (line of sight).


The infra-red sensor (or eye) located in the front of the motion detector will detect movement and transmit a radio signal wirelessly to the in-house Receiver; this Receiver alerts you with an audible tone that someone or something is moving about .  Each sensor has a PIR range of approximately 10m on a 110 degree horizontal arc.


Your motion detector is weather-proof however, it is best to protect the unit from direct rain or harsh wind and sun.

Fitting Note: 

The Motion Sensor should be fitted at a height of about 5 - 6 ft. from the ground. Then adjust the angle to suit for maximum detection area.

Batteries required:  :

PIR Sensor Unit - 2 x AAA (included)

Receiver Unit -  4 x AA batteries (Included)


TOOLS REQUIRED: Small Phillips head screwdriver.


Ensure slider switch is set to OFF. Remove battery cover and insert batteries. Follow instruction sheet for installing batteries to the Motion Sensor and coupling the Receiver to the PIR Sensor. (It is at this stage that you will choose between Chime or Alarm mode).

In 'CHIME' mode the unit will emit a two-tone chime sound (bing-bong) twice.

In 'ALARM' mode the unit will emit a two-tone siren for about 30 seconds, stop for 10 seconds and then sound again for 30 seconds etc. This will continue for 10 cycles unless the Receiver is switched to the OFF position.


Undo the retaining screws & remove rear cover and install the batteries. Reinstall cover and screw back into place. The unit requires 60 seconds to re-set itself when batteries are first connected.

Mount detector onto a solid surface, approximately 5-6 feet from the ground. Remember the range of the PIR Sensor is up to 10 meters so it is best to mount the detector so that it has no view of street traffic. This unit should not be mounted so that the sun shines directly onto the lens surface.

Place the Receiver within range of the motion detector or detectors, remember any walls or obstructions will cut down the range of the radio signal, so for best results place the Receiver and Motion Detector as close in range to each other as possible.

To stop the alarm you simply slide the switch to OFF on the Receiver.

Total peace of mind at a fantastic price!


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